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DM® by DLuxomode® is a spanish registered LLC Business and trademark . This is one of its business focussing only on selling reusable washable mask with replaceable N95 filters and  breathing valves or respirator


When and where we are

DM® ATHLEISURE was founded as DLUXOMODE which still our Legal Registered comercial registered LLC company name; an online operated business specialized in business casual athleisure wear and, now premium face masks all around the world. Our administrative office is located in Castellon. 


DM® standards

Our main goal is provide a 100% limited edition High-End business casual athleisure fashion and premium reusable washable face masks  for all men and women who want to have cosy stuff and care about their health.

Our face masks

Our face masks are all PREMIUM & HIGH QUALITY reusable and washable with / without replaceable filters, exhalation valves and more. Those washable mouth masks are made with high quality cotton cloth material and, above all the filters are 5 layers to ensure the maximum filtration of the air. They are all fashionable, anti pollution, anti-dust, anti fog, anti allergic, anti bacterial filtration, anti virus filtration, fashionable and sportive.


 DM MASQUES was founded by Louis Dantil, an haitian born, philosoph, professor, activist, writter, social investigator and entrepreneur. He owned three master degrees: International Peace, Conflicts and Development Studies, International Development Cooperation and, a third one in International New Business Creation. Based in Spain since 2014, Louis is coursing a PhD in International Peace, Conflicts and Development Studies at James I University [Universitat Jaume I] in Castellon de la Plana / Castellon.

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Face Masks



Tel.: +34 641 36 44 49


12004, Castellò, SP, EU

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